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The Bloomberry Experience!



Welcome to Bloomberry!

Bloomberry is a delicious soft serve cultured frozen yogurt shop. Every visit to Bloomberry is a unique experience. Bloomberry ensures a unique treat every time someone visits. That’s because YOU create your Bloomberry frozen yogurt treat.

Bloomberry offers an incredible self serve, DIY (do it yourself), experience. Upon entering Bloomberry, you grab a cup, you load up the cup with all the yogurt and toppings you want, grab a spoon and start enjoying Bloomberry bliss. The large choice of flavors and toppings means you can find just the right combination to satisfy your taste buds with the best frozen treat.

Bloomberry offers a wide range of yogurt flavors, from the traditional favorites like Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate to unique choices such as Mango Sorbet, Birthday Cake, and Pomegranate (flavors vary depending upon location). Some flavors will always be available, others will be swapped out to introduce new flavors or return old favorites.

Bloomberry carries a large selection of toppings including fresh fruits, chocolates and candies, cereals, granola, cookies, syrups, and much more. You name it and we most likely have it to place on your Bloomberry creation.

Do you like smoothies? Bloomberry creates the best smoothies. How could that be? Easy! It’s the best smoothie because YOU create the smoothie blend that you want. Just like a Bloomberry sundae, the Bloomberry smoothie is invented by the customer. We give you a cup, you fill it with yogurt and goodies, we blend it, and you now have your personalized smoothie experience. Bloomberry also offers some great suggested smoothies created by previous customers and our employees. You decide!

The best part of the whole Bloomberry experience is you can enjoy your Bloomberry creation guilt free. Bloomberry yogurt is a healthy low calorie treat. Bloomberry yogurt contains probiotics, it is gluten free, and contains approximately 29 calories per ounce.